Profile of Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy

Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy was born in Coimbatore on 13th March 1978, he is the Son of Cavalier. Lion. Dr. Ramasamy Govindasamy Naidu and Mrs.Shanthamani Ammal. Mr.Ashyanth Ramasamy is the Grand Son of Annur.Dharmaveera Thiru K Govindasamy Naidu.

Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy completed his Under Graduate degree in Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) at PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore. Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy has pursuit his Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, New York, USA.

Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy started his career at on young age, at the age of 16 he worked, even when he was studying, at M/s.Coimbatore Premier Corporation. He played an important part to get the ISO 9001 Certification. CPC was the first foundry in India to get the esteemed ISO Certification.

Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy was one of the co-founders of the e-learning during the dot com era. A new method of education, online tutoring of Math to US K-12 students from India.

Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy, in 2003, became the President of M/s. The Kadri Mills (CBE) Ltd, Coimbatore. TKML is the pioneer of Open end spun yarn in India. He has since helped in capacity increase and production efficiencies. TKML has an installed production capacity for 250,000kg of yarn per day.

Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy started M/s.KG Realtors, Chennai which is a Real Estate Development Company. KG Relators created a Niche in its space, Helping people live the dream by creating Super Luxury Homes. Mr.Ashyanth Ramasamy is the founder of M/s.RS Properties, which is in Finance and Institutional Investments.

Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy is also the member of $550 Million USD KG Group. The KG Groups is vertically integrated in the business of Textiles (Denim, Towels, Ginning, Spinning Weaving, Knitting and Garmenting), Healthcare (Hospital, Nursing), Entertainment (Cinemas) and Education (Schools and Collages)

Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy is a part of the Young President Organisation (YPO) member since 2010, he has held various rolls in YPO and also served in the South Asia regional Board. Mr. Ashyanth Ramasamy has received several awards and accolades. A few of them are Being recognised by YPO International as an Exceptional Business Leader in 2010. He has been a member of the both the Bangalore and Chennai chapters in YPO. He is awarded as the Most
involved member 2012, Most tech savvy member 2013 and recorded the best attendance in 2017 from the Chennai YPO Chapter.

Philanthropy runs in the blood line of The KG Family and the family is credited with building the Sri Sharadhambal temple in Race course, Coimbatore and the Then Thirumalai temple in Mettupalayam. Mr. Ashyanth played a role is constructing the Raja Gopuram in Shree Manneshwaraar temple at Annur. He also does community service as a Lion member and is a progressive Melvin Jones Fellow.

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