About us

Dharmaveerar K. GovidaSwamy Naidu

Visionary, Leader and our Role Model

The KG Group was founded in 1932 by Dharmaveera Annur K Govindasamy Naidu. The KG Group employees 14,000 people and is a $550 million KG Group conglomerate that has diverse interests in various fields like Textiles, Information Technology, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Travel, Real Estate and Entertainment headquartered in Coimbatore. 

In 1932, KG started his first ginning factory. Over the next six decades, his industrial ventures were in cotton ginning and spinning, weaving denim fabrics, manufacturing terry towels, castings, motor pumpsets and entertainment with an asset base of Rs.3 billion and sales of Rs. 5 billion, of which more than 25% came from exports.

He believed in modern technology and set high standards in the business practices and for products manufactured. Revival of sick units was one of his business strategies. To create employment in rural areas, he located all his factories in villages, away from the urban areas. He insisted on employing women wherever possible.

$550 Million group in Textiles, Engineering, Hospitals, IT, Real Estate, Cinemas and Education.
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